Cricket is a type of sports game using a bat and a ball, somewhat similar to baseball. Cricket appeared in southern England in the 16th century and won the title of national sport. Until now, this sport is very common in England, Australia and New Zealand. Cricket is recognized as the second most popular and entertaining team sport, second only to football. New Zealand has long been promoting a healthy, harmonious lifestyle and interest in sports among all its citizens, however exotic it may be. The most popular national sport in New Zealand has always been rugby. New Zealand Cricket Team – All Blacks – is the strongest team in the world rated IBR. Every year, All Blacks players (as they are called because of the black color of the uniform) participate in the Rugby Three Nations Cup, where they compete with teams of Australia and South Africa. At the moment, 9 out of 14 times the victory was for the All Blacks.

Prestigious game only for whites

Representatives of one of the oldest team games – cricket – were at the center of several racial scandals. Cricket is known from the beginning of the XIV century. The game, reminiscent of Russian lapta and American baseball, is distributed mainly in the UK and its former colonies. Only a few countries have national teams. But passions seethe serious. “Maori (the indigenous people of New Zealand) cannot be good здфнукі because they have neither patience nor temperament to play for a whole day.” This comment by the former captain of the New Zealand national cricket team Martin Crow has shocked the public.

Crowe was immediately ostracized in the press. By the way the keenest speakers were immigrants from Europe – whites. New Zealand is a unique country where indigenous inhabitants coexist – Maori and settlers from the Old World. However, recent months have been marked by a number of scandals. The most famous was the conflict over the fate of the one-eyed creature. This creature – the local monster – lives, according to the Maori legends, in the bay next to the Waikato River. When the construction of a high-speed highway in this region began, Māori protested against the violation of the right to privacy. The monster, as it turned out, could be offended by the noise of construction and passing cars and leave the bay. True, the Maori offered a compromise – you can part with creature in an amicable way, and he will leave on his own accord. But it’s not for the money. Construction of the highway was suspended. But for the first time in the modern history of New Zealand, the New Zealand Herald newspaper then asked the question: is it permissible for a primitive culture (that is, Maori) to retard development? The issue with the highway was resolved, the route went around the habitats of sensitive creature, but the unpleasant residue remained. It was Crow who took care of the next surge of emotions with his commentary on Maori’s innate inability to play cricket.

The first and almost the only Maori representative in the New Zealand cricket team – Adam Parore said that these statements, as only one person’s point of view, are not offensive to him. Maori’s lack of interest in cricket Parore was explained by the fact that the young aborigines of New Zealand “are generally more relaxed, less ambitious than their white compatriots.” But even despite the lack of reaction of the offended Maori, the manager of the New Zealand national cricket team, John Reid, was in a hurry to disown the statements of the ex-captain. “Cricket is still perceived by many as a “game for white representatives of the middle class.”But if you look at other sports in New Zealand, then Maori is a serious competitor for White, Reid said in an interview with the New Zealand Herald However, the other day, after the match with the Sri Lankan team, Australian cricketer Darren Lenmann in the locker room attacked rivals with “racist statements.” True, he instantly pulled himself together apologized to the Sri Lankans, but this, as well as the forgiveness of the guilty offended by him to command did not help. For the first time in the history of modern cricket, at the meeting of the International Cricket Council in Adelaide, Lenmann was excluded from participation in competitions for five matches. Obviously, he will have to miss even the start of the World Cup in Africa.

Unusual news from the national team of New Zealand cricket: the court punished the New Zealand player sat behind the wheel of a drunk because of the death of a parrot

The Court of Masterton (New Zealand) sentenced the cricket player Doug Bracewell to 100 hours of community service for driving while intoxicated. As Bracewell’s attorney Ron Mansfield told, the athlete was at the event when his girlfriend called him and said that their favorite parrot was torn to pieces by dogs. According to the lawyer, “the cockatoo was of great importance for the girl, and she was terribly upset.” Bracewell himself pleaded guilty at the trial and said that he had made a mistake in deciding to go on his own and not wait for a taxi. It is noted that during the detention the level of alcohol in the blood of a 27-year-old athlete was three times higher than the permissible limit. Bracewell was previously found guilty of driving while intoxicated in 2008 and 2010.

Curiosities: a naked idiot interrupted the Cricket World Cup match

A naked fan ran onto the field during the opening match of the Cricket World Cup, in which the national teams of New Zealand and Sri Lanka met. The game was interrupted for a few minutes until the stewards caught up and under the applause of the crowded stands did not take the offender outside the stadium. The meeting in Christchurch in New Zealand ended with a crushing victory of the hosts, who managed to make 98 overruns. The most famous “streaker’ (this term refers to people who run out to the site during sports competitions) is the Spaniard Jimmy Jump, who has dozens of similar actions on his account. Its usual attributes are the high red Catalan hat (barretina) and the Catalan flag. Thus, he expresses his position regarding the struggle of autonomy for independence. The Cricket World Cup is held every four years. The leader in the number of titles won is the Australian team, which became the champion four times. This year, the championship will be taken by Australia and New Zealand, who will determine the winner among the 14 best teams in the world.

Cricket may be included in the Olympic program since 2024

Cricket has been included in the Olympic species since 2024. This was announced by the President of the IOC Jacques Rogge, who assured that the latest scandals will not affect the reputation of cricket and the decisions of the International Olympic Committee. Recall that the other day, England was shocked by a scandal with match-fixing and bribes, in which not only local but also Pakistani cricketers were implicated.

New Zealand stadiums

In New Zealand, things are completely different. Although there exist a certain number of excellent arenas, semi-amateur clubs, having formed their Championship in 2004, in most cases play on their own fields, which look more like rural garden, where you can comfortably sit down, have fun, or drink a beer. It is worth noting that the strongest New Zealand team “Wellington Phoenix”, in view of weak competitiveness, plays in the Australian football championship.

Basin Reserve cricket ground

Basin Reserve cricket ground is currently the most famous in New Zealand, not only for its convenient location and proximity to the city, but also for the number of historically significant matches played here. Officially, the facility was opened in 1866, designed for 11,600 spectators. The site is located at the foot of two mountains: Victoria and Cook. Spectators take places right on the grass, on the east side of the site, which is more protected from the sun and local winds. At the site of the Basin Reserve, there used to be a lake, which, under the influence of an earthquake in 1855, turned into a swampy plain. The administration decided to oblige prisoners at Mount Cook Prison, located nearby, to drain the swamp and prepare the ground for the construction of the site. There were many important matches for sports history of both local and international importance. The Basin Reserve cricket ground is a possible venue for the World Cricket Cup in 2015, but probably only for games that do not require a large spectator capacity.

Memorable news: cricket fan won 3,000 euros

In the New Zealand cricket league, during the match between the teams “Otago Volts” and “Wellington” there was a funny incident. After one of the innings the ball left the perimeter of the field, where he was very cleverly caught by the fan. It is interesting that before the game one of the sponsors promised rewarding $ 5,000 for a similar trick.

New Zealand Cricket Museum

Researchers of cricket and just lovers of this activity will surely come into sincere confusion from so many memorabilia that for one reason or another have ended up in the New Zealand Cricket Museum. Comprehensive expositions reveal the history and development of cricket in New Zealand – including the period when this sport moved to the colonies, and in addition, it even reflected the holding of the first New Zealand test match in 1894.

New Zealand National Cricket Team at the international tournament in 2018

This time we will have a look at the international mini-tournament called 2018 Hero Intercontinental Cup, which was held in the beautiful city of Mumbai. The popularity of football in India is inferior to cricket, but lately the backlog has noticeably decreased, and such competitions only contribute to this. Four teams took part in the tournament: India, Chinese Taipei (Taiwan), Kenya and New Zealand. Two teams came out of the group, and they fought in the final. Then the predictions were such that the Indians would most likely play in the main match, and the Kenyan and New Zealanders claimed the second start.

The Indian team plays in the strongest part. Wards Stephen Constantin confidently won two starting games (from Taiwan 5-0, from Kenya 3-0), showing a good level of football. From the point of view of tournament motivation, the match against New Zealand does not solve anything, but the tournament itself is friendly, so it is difficult to count on huge motivation in any match, even in the final. The main thing that the audience like. In the first fight of the Indians, only 2.5 thousand people visited the stadium. Captain and top scorer of the national team (61 goals for 100 matches) Sunil Chetri was annoyed at such a low attendance and laid out an invigorating speech on Twitter, saying something like: “Do not criticize and insult us on the Internet, do it at the stadium.” Chetri’s call was supported by many famous athletes of India, and in the game against Kenya there were already 9,000 fans in the stadium. I think, on New Zealanders will come no less.

New Zealand team arrived at the tournament in a very experimental structure. If you compare with the Confederations Cup, 18 football players are missing at once. It can be said that “All Whites” brought the youth team, because the oldest player is only 26 years old and only five have played for the main team of the country for more than 10 matches. In the first bout, New Zealanders lost to Kenya (1-2), while in the second they managed to beat Taiwan (1-0), having implemented a penalty. In both matches, New Zealand did not have a noticeable gaming advantage, and the results can be called legitimate game shown on the field. If India plays again for the fans and doesn’t slow down very much, then they will get the victory without much effort, the class is too different for the rivals, and the extra day of rest for the Indian team will only contribute to this.