Australia Cricket

Sport in Australia, especially team and water sports, is popular with the population and is common in all regions. The government is investing considerable sums in its development; in addition, the country’s economic condition and climate contribute to the popularization of this sphere. Australian teams participate in the Olympics, Commonwealth Games and other international competitions. Sport plays such an important role in the life of the country that it is called the “popular religion.” The most popular are, in addition to the “soccer” (classic football), Australian football (or rugby), horse racing, motor sports, cricket. According to a survey conducted in 2006-2007. in the largest cities of Australia, cricket, water sports (especially surfing), tennis (when the grand tournament of the Australian Open is held in the country), Australian football cause “the greatest interest” among adult audiences. Residents themselves are most often engaged in aerobics, swimming, playing golf, tennis, soccer (“soccer”) or Australian football.

Cricket is an old English sport that uses bat and ball. This game in Australia is played by almost everything from young to old. They usually play on grass, on an oval-shaped field, in the center of which is a strip of earth. At each end of this strip there are peculiar gates – wickets, near which there are players. The goal of the serving team is to hit the ball in the opponent’s gate, the goal of the defender is to hit the ball and reach the opposite gate. In the big cities and resort centers across the country, a huge number of first-class cricket fields are organized. Cricket is the second most popular game on the planet. 2-3 billion people are ill and playing for her. This is the most popular (by a wide margin) game of one billion India, two hundred million Pakistan, one hundred fifty million Bangladesh, thirty million Afghanistan and twenty million Sri Lanka. Cricket is actively and widely played in Britain, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Australia, the Caribbean and New Zealand. Australia won the World Cup four times – in 2007, 2003, 1999 and 1987.

Australian cricket

Australians can’t imagine summer without cricket. They are passionate about this game during barbecues and picnics, on beaches and parks, in the back yards of their own houses and in the first-class venues of huge stadiums. Television broadcasts of games in which the Australian team performs are also very popular. For the inhabitants of the green continent, cricket is a national religion that unites ordinary fans and professional athletes, without dividing people into social groups. In the period from November to February interest in your favorite entertainment increases many times. Fans of cricket from all over the world are beginning to closely follow the Australian season, in which the best teams of the continent meet with the leading teams of other countries. These exciting matches take place in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Hobart, Perth and Adelaide. Star tournament consists of test matches, the duration of which varies from 3 to 5 days, one-day international games and the Twenty20 spectacular series, when each team plays 6 innings of 20 overs, that is, the ball is served 120 times. Traditionally, test games start at 10 am and end at about 6 pm. Other matches start in the afternoon and can be delayed until late in the evening. The list of participating teams changes annually.

The love of the indigenous people of Australia to this game is fully justified, the national team is the leading team, which marked the first place in the test series and the second in one-day international games. During the summer season, locals cheer on their favorites at home on television, in noisy pubs and sports bars. Huge crowds of cheering fans fill the streets of Australian cities in anticipation of their turn at the cricket stadiums. On such days, the atmosphere of sport, fun and excitement reigns in public places. On beaches and bus stops, in restaurants and nightclubs, enthusiastic visitors share their emotions from the matches played, discussing the decisions of the judges and the brightest moments. Hot topics are the events of the main tournament, the Ashes, which is held every two years and consists of two-year series, taking place alternately in England and Australia. The intense battles of these particular powers cause stormy emotions of loyal fans.

Australia cricket ground in Melbourne

Originally conceived as a cricket sports ground, the Australian Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) stadium is currently the world’s eighth largest multifunctional sports complex. Football matches, rugby games and other sports and cultural events are regularly held on its territory. Several times the Melbourne Cricket Ground stadium became an arena for the Olympic Games.

Most capacious stadium is located in Australia’s Yarra Park (Melbourne Park), in the heart of the city of Melbourne. In late January 2009, Melbourne Cricket Ground was recognized as the seventh wonder of the world in the world of sports, and also hit the pages of the Guinness Book of Records in terms of the number of matches with artificial lighting. Before the fire that occurred in 1884 and destroyed part of the wooden structure of the stadium, the sports complex was designed only for six thousand spectators. After its reconstruction and all restoration work, now using stone as the main material for construction, the stadium was able to receive about one hundred twenty thousand people. The beginning of the twentieth century, 1900, Most important time in the history of the stadium – it was then that special floodlights were installed for the first time for artificial lighting, which allowed matches to be held regardless of the time of day.

In Australia, officials have played cricket for over a century like a giant piece of gold

Officials in the Australian state of New South Wales accidentally made a unique find. They found in the old box, which for more than 100 years stood in their office, the purest gold nugget weighing 10.7 kilograms. All this time, civil servants thoughtlessly used a cricket box. Gold nugget accidentally fell out of the box, which officials used as a gate, playing cricket in his office. The investigation revealed that a piece of precious rock, which is considered one of the cleanest stones ever found in the world, was acquired by the mines of New South Wales in 1887. Soon after that, one of the representatives of the state treasury decided to temporarily place the jewel in the box. True, he did not tell anyone about it. As a result, everyone forgot about the stone, and he lay for more than 100 years in the office of the government of New South Wales unnoticed by anyone. At the moment, the gold nugget is in the Australian Museum in Sydney, where it will be shown for four days.

“Urn with ashes”: Australia won the series

In the previous series in England this year, the victory was for the hosts. The last time Australians won a trophy in their 2006/07 series was by winning all the tests in the series. The first two days of the third test, which took place in Perth at the WACA stadium, turned out to be relatively stubborn – Australia, once again winning the lot, chose to beat the first one and scored 385 on its innings, of which 111 on young Steve Smith for 103.3 overs. British responded with 180 runs at four wickets lost for 68 overs.

The third day was a catastrophe for England – another 6 wickets were lost in just 20 overs, in which 71 dashes were scored, bringing their score to 251. In addition, the best feed in their composition, Stuart Broad, beaten off, injured his leg when the Australian Mitchel Johnson hit the ball right in front of the gate. As a result, Broad was unable to serve, he was set only to beat last. The British nightmare did not end there – the first wicket in the second innings of Australia, they were able to earn only when they had already 151 rush. In total, the Australians scored 369 runs with 6 lost wickets in their second winning on the fourth day of the test and announced its termination, putting the British team almost impossible for them in this series of The Ashes to collect 504 runs for the innings. The first serve in the second innings of England, Ryan Harris, broke the gate of the English captain Alistair Cook. Some hope was presented by the game of young Ben Stokes, who scored the first hundred in his test career, but this was not enough to catch up with Australia.

Cricket scandal: Australia suspected of cheating

A loud scandal flared up around the Australian cricket team. One of the players was accused of trying to change the aerodynamic properties of the ball for the game during a match with South Africa. During the video broadcast, the cameras captured the way he hid tape in his trouser pockets. This is the agency Associated Press. As a result, on the eve of the Australian Cricket Federation decided to remove the team captain Steve Smith and another player for one year from the games in the national team. In addition, nine months for the national team will not be able to play Cameron Bancroft, who was trying to make manipulations with the ball.

The scandal has already commented on the Australian Prime Minister. According to him, what happened was a surprise for everyone. “It’s hard to believe that the national team made such deceptive manipulations at international competitions, because at home they were considered an example of honesty and decency,” said Malcolm Turnbull. This situation led to the fact that the leading sponsors turned away from the national team. Representatives of the companies Qantas Airways, Sanitarium and Lion informed about the possible revision of the agreements. The Australian Cricket Federation reported starting an investigation into a scandalous incident.

Australian Prime Minister: cricket team cheats are beyond comprehension

The Australian cricket team was at the center of the scandal after the athletes were accused of fraud. During a test match (one of the three main game formats) in South Africa, an Australian player tried to manipulate the ball, which would affect its aerodynamic properties. During a TV report, an episode with a player hiding electrical tape was caught in the camera lens.

“We are all shocked and very upset by what happened. It is impossible to believe that the Australian team was cheating. We consider our cricketers role models. They are associated with fair play. How could they do that? This is beyond comprehension,” the BBC quotes Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

The incident is being studied by officials of the Australian Cricket Federation who flew to South Africa. Steve Smith after the scandal refused to captain armband. Also from the role of the vice-captain refused David Warner.

Australia has created a whole league for children and their parents. And this is a powerful success.

In 2010, the Australian Cricket Association explored the audience and found out that the game is rapidly losing the children’s and, therefore, the family audience. Cricket was only 7th in the list of favorite sports among boys younger than 15 years old, and among girls it was only 14th. Overall, 7 out of 10 children did not follow cricket. To stop the outflow of young audiences, the leaders of the Australian cricket in 2011 created the T20 league, which is now called the KFC Big Bash League. T20 is an abbreviated version of classic cricket, where the length of the match is not determined by the time, but by the number of overlays — 20 per team (each over is 6 innings). On average, the matches go for 3.5 hours – much more than in football or hockey, but significantly less than in classical cricket.

In order to interest young viewers and families, BBL (Big Bash League) hired Dan Migala, the head of Property Consulting Group, who previously worked on various projects in MLB, NBA and NFL. Migala immediately chose a course for the total entertainment of the fans – in his opinion, the audience quickly forgot the results of the matches, but always remember the show and the atmosphere. “Big Bash League is a great fusion of sports and entertainment. We have to create a spectacle in which a cricket match is inscribed,” Migala noted.